Thursday, April 30, 2009

Broad of the month- Kathy Griffin

We know, we didn't see it coming either but Kathy Griffin is our Broad of the month. We were leaning toward Bea Author but Kathy looks better in a bathing suit...

Who She Is: Kathleen "Kathy" Mary Griffin is an actress, comedian, and self proclaimed "D-list" media personality. She appeared on the 2nd worst Brooke Shields show (sorry Lipstick Jungle was no Cashmere Mafia and never should have won the war between the two), Suddenly Susan and went on to star in her very own reality show" Bravo's Life on the D-list. But if you have watched the show and seen this Grammy nominated star's sprawling mansion, you know that life on the d-list ain't so bad at all...

Why We Love Her: There always has been and always will be a special place in our heart for trash talkers like Kathy, but that is not why she is here. Over the course of the last 4 seasons of my life on the D-list, we have watched religiously as Kathy kept moving forward after botched plastic surgery, a divorce from a stealing husband, and the death of her beloved father. We saw her sell out shows despite being banned from almost all day time talk shows. And we cheered with our gay husbands when she took home an Emmy after being fired from hosting red carpets. Suck it Ryan Seacrest!

Extra Credit: Kathy gets an E for 'Effort' and a T for 'Nice Try' for her short lived rebound relationship with Apple co-founder Steve Wosniak. Unfortunately her nerd tolerance was not high enough to hang in their for the prize. But she receives a huge gold star from us for that smoking hot body at 48 years old. Lord only knows how many sit ups, hours on the treadmill, and missed desserts it took to create that figure but the fact that she did it without one Jenny Craig meal gets kudos from us!

Trivia: Kathy has admitted to "lightly dating" N'Sync member Joey Fatone. We are dying to know what light dating encompasses these days. Given a 10 year old's explanation of "second base" on Oprah a week or so ago, we are sure it must amount to a brief marriage...

Kath, you crack us up and for that we worship you. Although we don't yet carry Irish lingerie to honor your heritage, we have some fab British lingerie to support that lovely rack of yours... the next Internet billionaire brainiac you date will be very appreciative.

Dames & Broads

Monday, April 6, 2009

Springing Forward

If you are anything like us, you have been waiting on the warm weather like the second coming. Well despite the freak blizzard in Chicago, it's seems to be here. And that means new styles (like the one above) are in at Dames and Broads!

Three cheers for everyday glamour!!!

Take a look at all of our fabulous sets here.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dames & Broads is looking for Interns!!!!

Internship Location: New York City - remote internship considered
Details of Internship: PR and Social Media Internship

Headquartered in New York City, is a new, e-commerce site offering decadent yet essential lingerie pieces from around the world.

Job Description:
Dames & Broads is looking for an enthusiastic, smart and highly motivated intern who will receive on the job training while assisting with the company’s daily marketing/ pr activities to enhance brand image, gain media exposure and generate revenue for the company.

Responsibilities Include:
15-hour commitment per week.

Fill the role of managing editor for the site's blog, Love, Life and Lingerie- frequent blog assignments and entries.

Assist in Press outreach and maintain and update press materials

Assist with maintenance of media lists and other databases

Carries out special event planning activities and arrangements i.e. trunk shows, PR events, invitations

Design, document and execute Dames and broads social media plan leveraging both online and offline marketing and promotional strategies for the site.

Assist in Customer Relationship Management (i. E newsletters, promotions, etc).

Personal passion for lingerie and or fashion.

Web and Blog Savvy.

Ability to publish blog entries

Always eager to meet influencers and attend media events to represent and evangelize Dames & Broads.

Savvy with social media and online technology:

Photoshop knowledge a plus



College Credit available