Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New year, Newly single and Newer lingerie

This year I gave myself the gift of the single life for Christmas. Because we are all the lord's children I will refrain from saying anything negative about him. I wish him health, happiness and whatever else comes to his kind. I will leave a little older, much less naive and with a few nice pieces of jewelry. Thanks for the memories!

I am also moving on with a few more pounds and some emotional baggage that will no longer fit in my carry on. So needless to say that I have some things to work off and through before I will be ready for whatever is out there waiting for me.

I was twenty six and a 34C the last time I was truly single and I have no idea what it will be like dating in my thirties. Now a 36D and 30 years young, I feel completely unprepared for the world I am entering. I don't know how to flirt or internet date or have casual sex or if I am supposed to do any of those things. With Sex and the City off the air and all my friends in relationships or just as clueless as me, I have no guides on how to proceed. I feel terrified, and excited, and apprehensive, and damaged, and reborn, and hurt, and angry, and destroyed, and free and extremely prone to writing long run-on sentences.

What's a newly single, not feeling so fabulous, bigger breasted girl to do?

I went lingerie shopping. More accurately, i went f%ck that lying bastard, you will never get to see me in any of this but the next guy(s) will absolutely love it, can't wait to be over him, you hurt me so bad i am going to do something incredibly inappropriate in this, my larger D cups look better in this bra anyway, I might just answer the door in this, i don't really care that we are in a recession, good old fashioned lingerie shopping.

And hundred of dollars and a few yards of silk satin and antique lace later, I felt better. Its still hard to sleep through the night. But every morning I wake up to drawers full of something that makes me feel pretty instead of .... him. For now, it will do.

The pics above are the pieces in case you want to see what I bought. (Myla Simone, Myla Nicole, and Sista Shei Blossom)

I hope to one day soon sell other ladies a little bit of comfort...

Dames and Broads lingerie.... Feb 08

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lingerie PR

What happens when you are still passionate about your business but absolutely sick of talking about it? You break down and hire a publicist...

I still love the lingerie business. I still think my offerings are going to knock your socks (and hopefully your Hanky Pankies) off. I am just sick of telling you about it. Besides, we are past the sexy part. If you are my friend in real life or just on Facebook, you probably have already seen web site mocks, you heard all our globe trotting stories about the the great pieces we have found, you have seen logos and brand identity images. But now I am mired down in Fed Ex paperwork, projection forecasts, and accounts receivables. Trust me, you probably don't even want to talk to me right now. I am officially no fun. So I am hiring a publicist to be fun on my behalf.

I will let her tell you all about the differences between American and English lingerie, about why you deserve better than rayon and why your bottom will be writing us thank you letters after being softly caressed by our silk panties. I, frankly don't have the time. She can go though the motions of teaching men to stop buying crotchless panties for Valentine's day via media outlets while I simply roll my eyes and write them off as hopeless. See?! This will be better for the both of us.

Since I have the honor of being based in NYC, I can't swing a chanel bag without hitting a PR girl in her well coiffed and often blond head. But the question is, can I swing the monthly monetary commitment that it will take to get her to extol the virtues of Dames and Broads to all the glossies and blogs?

Don't get me wrong, there is money in the D&B coffers but the salesperson in me is only interested in marketing that directly results in sales and my inner control freak is terrified to hand over our brand identity to a stranger. But perhaps it is time to relinquish my grip on my wallet and let's somebody else do the talking. Anything that would allow me just a bit of time to shut up...

Monday, December 8, 2008

Passport Panties- Underwear for the Jetsetter

I just got back to NYC from Art Basel in Miami. I leave tomorrow for Pittsburgh. Before I leave though, I must book my hotel in Paris for Jan as well as a seat on the Eurostar so that I can be in London just a few hours later. In February, I will be visiting a girlfriend in Nicaragua before she leaves for Italy. Just got invited to be someone's +1 at a wedding in Argentina...

As I rush from one airport to another, plead with the lady behind the counter for an upgrade, and hop on planes, trains and automobiles, it will be difficult if not impossible for me to keep it together. Inevitably somewhere in between the Champs Elysees and Trafalgar Square, I will have gone from chic to harried. The carefully planned outfits will look thrown together and my makeup will have gone the way of my diet. but thanks to Passport Panties, my lingerie will still be on point. Disguised in a fab passport holder, these soft, semi sheer, gorgeous panties come with a cleansing towelette in case of "emergencies" (I will leave you to read between the lines). They are perfect for the jetsetter or the woman who, like me, will be spending 30+ hours in coach for the next few weeks and still wants to feel sexy as they travel the globe.

Bon voyage....

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Brazilian, Turkish, English, French body types... You are gorgeous somewhere

Ladies ,

Stop it. This one size fits all mentality will be the death of you. Most of us will never be a size 0. Most of our men don't want us to be. So why do we subscribe to one Nicole Kidmanesqe asexual standard of beauty? Perhaps it is because we don't know that our pear shaped bodies are revered in Brazil, that our generous hips and ample bosom are considered ideal in Turkey, that our itty bitties are all the rage in France. Did you know that they make something to help create waistlines in England and can fake the hell out of a gorgeous bustline in China?

But no need to go so far to be appreciated. Perhaps you should start in your living room. Did you know that everything you hate about your body is exactly what you man loves. He wants you to stop covering up the big butt, the smaller breasts, the meaty hips. If it doesn't jiggle, he doesn't want it and if he didn't want something soft, he would be dating Tom, not you.

I am not saying to let yourself go. I am saying give yourself a break and embrace the gorgeous body you inhabit.

In Feb , Dames and Broads will start bringing you lines from around the world made specifically for your body type.

One size fits all no more...

You deserve better.