Friday, July 10, 2009

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dame of the Month - Ms. Liza Minnelli

Liza Mennelli in Cabaret, 1972

Liza in Parade Magazine, 3/2008

Liza in Cabaret, 1972

Liza in Parade Magazine, 3/2008

Liza on Porta a Porta, Italy 10/2008

Given the incredible energy, infamous voice, and stunning body she has been showing off in shows around the world, we would never know Ms. Liza Minnelli has battled through formidable health problems. For her courage and ability to conquer the odds while still staying sexy, we are proud to call Ms. Minnelli our July Dame of the Month.

Who She Is: Born in 1946 to entertainment celebrities Judy Garland and Vincente Minnelli, Ms. Minnelli is an actress and vocalist well known for her role in 1972 film Cabaret. She has won numerous awards, including an Academy Award for Best Actress, several Tony awards, an Emmy and a special Grammy.

Why We Love Her: Her many awards speak to her formidable talent. The youngest women to ever win a Tony Award for leading actress, Ms. Minnelli has a lot of practice in the limelight (she was the baby in the last show of In the Good Old Summertime in 1949). Yet, no one can say she hasn’t worked hard for her career. From working as a nightclub singer to juggling roles in film and theatre, Ms. Minnelli continues stunning audiences with her enthusiasm, her songs, and her dance abilities.

Her body is another thing to love. At 62, Ms. Minnelli is not afraid to bare her body, shocking Italians with an energetic TV performance while clad in a partially transparent black top and tights reminiscent of the classic Cabaret look she coined. After all, who will ever forget her legendary dark helmet of hair, her big eyes, and her extravagantly fabulous eyelashes?

We heartily approve her outfit choice (which would look fantastic over this set by Tra La La), and only hope that we will too can maintain a body that will pull off an outfit like that.

Extra Credit: Ms. Minnelli serves as an inspiration for people everywhere for her dedication to theatre and her ability to beat seemingly insurmountable odds.

After suffering through viral encephalitis, Ms. Minnelli brushed aside diagnosis of life in a wheelchair, and continues to dance despite “two false hips, a wired-up right knee, two crushed discs and scoliosis.”

Ladies, with a role model like this, how can we continue to languish on the couch?

Trivia: Members of Ms. Minnelli’s family on her father’s side were actually circus performers.

You are a fearless role model to us all, Ms. Minnelli. Your huge personality both on stage and off coupled with your determination to succeed, make us love you, and your fabulous body and willingness to show it off is just icing on the cake. Your classic, yet daring Cabaret style fit perfectly with our Playful Promises lingerie from England. Try this Miss Showgirl set or this Miss Beauty Queen set. And while we don’t have fur for you, we do have animal print.

Hugs and Kisses,
Dames and Broads

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July's Broad of the Month - Britney Spears!

We have always had a love for celebrities with crazy lifestyles & fabulous voices (case-in-point : Michael Jackson). With renewed faith in the fantastic comeback of Ms. Britney Spears, we have nominated her as our Broad of the Month.

Who She Is: Originally from Kentwood, Louisiana, Ms. Britney Jean Spears has been in the spotlight for over 2 decades – from her debut in the Mickey Mouse Club at the age of 8 to her current career as singer, dancer, and songwriter, with dabblings in the world of acting, writing, piano-paying and directing.

Why We Love Her: We all know about the stories posted on every tabloid. Everything from her multiple marriages, her childcare habits, and her panty-less party escapades have been examined by the media. And yet, we cant help but love her for the way she is able to hold her (sometimes bald) head high through all the gossip, and even date one of her paparazzi piranhas.

Regardless of what you think of her personal life, there is no doubt that she is incredibly talented, making remarkable leaps from Mickeys stage to her the world's, with songs that most of us have belted out in the privacy of their homes . She is listed in the Guinness World Records for having the best-selling album by a teenage solo artist and had sold over 37 million albums worldwide by the time she turned 20.

And, though ravaged by two pregnancies and an affinity for Cheetos, her fabulous body is also on the comeback trail. We can only hope to have those abs after 2 sons, divorce and a few bad mental health days...

After her meteoric rise and shocking fall, her latest incarnation as phoenix from the flames, inspires us to make our own comeback.

Extra Credit: Britney Spears is credited for having revived teen pop, with 6 albums released and over 83 million records sold worldwide. She is ranked the 8th best-selling female recording artist in the U.S. and the top selling female artist. To put it simply, you would have had to live under a rock to not at least be familiar with Baby One More Time." In fact, we at D&B are guilty of playing her music while checking inventory! Although we prefer "Circus", and If.You.Seek.Amy...

Trivia: Britney Spears is currently dating her agent and may be (according to a recent Star tabloid cover) engaged for the 3rd time. Ms. Spears, we have plenty of beautiful lingerie that is perfect for your wedding night, including this lacy Columbian bralette and this non-conventional tuxedo set (And ladies, if you need wedding shower gifts, we have plenty of super cute satin panty, garter, and eye-mask sets!).

Britney, you drive us crazy (in the best way possible)! We love your music and wish you all the best for your upcoming concert. Your body is enviable, but lets not get caught panty-less on camera again – we have plenty of sweet and sexy panties to show off. Try the Brazilian tangas to make your booty even more delicious, or some sexy peep-hole panties. If you need more bling while running around with the kids, try this sequined, Brazilian racerback bra.