Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dont you wear panties????

Ok ladies, you are rebelling and I want to know why. Please explain it to me. I have searched the many corners of the earth to bring to you the best bras AND panties and still you insist on defying me.:) Why are you just buying bras?

This week we are running a promotion with Daily Candy (details to come) and were surprised that many of the orders are just bras. Now, we are not one to complain about orders (THANK YOU DAILY CANDY GODS!!!!), but we were baffled. Ok, sometimes we get it. You love the Else Basic Ultimate Support Bra from Turkey and lord knows you dont need another pair of black panties- even if they are fab. But what are you going to do with just the Miss Showgirl underwire bra??? Its sheer hot pink fabulosity! It will be lonely without the matching high waist brief or low rise knickers.. Just the thought of it by itself with some boring nude thong brings tears to our eyes...

Unless..... you all are channeling your inner Britney circa 2007 and are deciding to parade around in just your brasseire, which the broad in us wholeheartedly supports.

Hugs and kisses,
Dames & Broads

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