Sunday, October 19, 2008

Packaging Woes...

These are tough times. Any non essential item is a luxury and any person who spends their hard earned money on luxuries should be treated like the most valuable customer in the world...

I wish my packaging vendor, US Box, felt the same way. In the last 3 weeks, they have sent me (and charged me for) the wrong samples, given quotes on the wrong products not once but 4 times, and have blamed it all on my inability to effectively communicate. Now, I am no Barack, but communication has never been a problem for me.

When I referred to the emails proving my sanity and their ineptitude, I was told they will send me my new samples for free. Except that I have to pay for shipping. And shipping is 13 times the price of the sample.
and "please be clearer in your email next time..."

I wanted to clearly reply what they could do with their boxes... but they are one of the few vendors who can reproduce my logo on custom pillow boxes. The owner is an ass but as of right now his price is the cheapest. But the salesperson in me wants to walk. Curse him out in my uppity way ("Clearly sir you do not deserve my business. Now, GOODDAY,!!!"). Take my
money elsewhere, where someone will treat me like my pennies matter.

But my customers deserve the best. They will choose to give me their money instead of countless others and they should feel like they are receiving a gift every time they order. So I will bite the bullet, swallow my pride and pray that this time I can clearly communicate my order.

But one more mistake and I will scream and people might be receiving panties in a paper bag.

Please let me know if you like the packaging and think it is worth the drama.

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nicole w said...

If that's the packaging in the picture, i love it! Excellent choice! It looks chic and modern. I absolutely love it.