Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Web Design: Quick to make a decision, Slow to Spend Money

Over the last 4 months, I solicited 10 different price quotes from web designers and developers to build From the recommended, the unknown and the infamous, I was quoted anywhere from $3500 for a complete e commerce site built from scratch to 15k+ for just logo design. Each one told me how I could not live without wish lists, pagination, dynamic product reviews and all this other stuff I had never heard of. Each additional suggestion was additional $$$ and an additional headache. After awhile I no longer knew what I needed and what I could do without. I had absolutely lost the ability to prioritize.

I had web designers telling me the most important thing was how the site looked ("No one will buy anything if the site looks a mess"), web developers telling me that site functionality was paramount ("no one can buy anything if the site does not work"), publicists telling me that press mattered above all else, ("no one will buy anything they have not heard of"), and lingerie manufacturers who had their hands out (hard to sell anything if you do not have a PRODUCT). Not to mention a few things called site hosting, e commerce platforms, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing. These people were making me tired. I ran out of breath just making a list of things to do.

But research and desperation have led me to two things that are going to make my life a lot easier: Volusion and Alondra. Sound like super heroes don't they? The former is my e commerce platform that provides all of the fancy bells and whistles of a great online store (zoom, the ability to integrate any of your product offerings onto facebook/ myspace/ etc, and coupons) at a great monthly price. The store comes ready to go, you just upload your products. My second great find is Alondra, my new web designer who will be manipulating Volusion's templates so that my store looks anything but standard. She is quick, gifted, and from what I 've heard, beautiful. Everything I am looking for in a savior.

Two more obstacles avoided... One million more to go.

Dames and Broads


sweetactionbakery said...

Is it wrong if I take advantage of all of your hard work to move my stalled project forward? Cheap packaging and e-commerce were two things that stalled

Dames and Broads said...

not at all... I dont want other people to go thru what I go thru. Take anything that helps you and please share with me how it goes.