Thursday, June 11, 2009

Broad of the Month - Ciara

Ciara in July's GIANT magazine in DAMES & BROADS

Shooting up the billboards, Ciara has “1-2 stepped” her way into our lingerie (a gorgeous set you can get here) and into our hearts as our Broad of the month.

Who She Is: Ciara, best known as a R&B, pop, and hiphop singer-songwriter, is also a producer, dancer, actress, model, and music video director. On top of all that, she was named “Women of the Year” in 2004 by Billboard.

Why We Love Her: In 5 very short years, Ciara has managed to grow from a Georgia high school graduate to a major R&B icon, all while hooking-up (allegedly), with a number of Hollywood’s hotties. Most famously, her 1-year relationship with rapper Bow Wow, shows women everywhere there is nothing wrong with wearing those sexy stilettos, even if it means towering over your man (so Katie Holmes, there was no reason to slouch in that wedding picture).

Oh yeah, did we mention that she wore our goodies in a recent photo shoot (see picture above!)?

Extra Credit: Ciara example is testament that not all twenty-something year olds are crazy party-goers full of booze and drugs (put the pills down Lohan!). And, whether she is singing at “Stand Up to Cancer” events or dancing for “Make A Wish Foundation”, this do-gooder still manages to do it in style.

Trivia: Ciara’s middle name is “Princess” and a self-described “army brat” who looked up to girl group Destiny’s Child.

Ciara, we all wish we were “hot like you”! But in the meantime we will settle for supplying you with beautiful undies. When your ready, we will be here with more gorgeous bras by Clo and fabulous panties.

Much love,
D & B


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