Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Power of Daily Candy

When we first learned that we would be in Daily Candy we were understandable thrilled. As far as we are concerned it is pretty much The Today Show of the Internet with over 2.5 million subscribers to their infamous daily newsletters. Our excitement was only mildly dampened when we learned we would only be a Deal and not featured and said Deal would only be made available to New Yorkers. We pouted and then decided to turn our frown upside down because ITS DAILY FRIGGIN CANDY for chrissakes!

Every time we told someone about the pending placement, our equally excited friends and family said "Oh My God, are you ready for that?? And we realized that we didn't even know what it meant really to be featured on DC. We have all heard the stories of sites being shut down by a mention on Oprah or TTS but what does a DC Deal really mean for traffic and sales?

Well, since DC does not publish local subscriber numbers and we had no idea what the open rate (% of emails that are actually opened by DC subscribers) was, and no idea how receptive their readers would be to Dames and Broads, we were clueless as to how to prepare. Since we wished we knew the impact of the placement and pondered it during many sleepless nights, we decided to share what it meant to Dames& Broads.

According to Google Analytics, in total we received 2100 visits on the first day of the deal with and additional 900 visits over the course of the week the deal was live. However that deal was "StumbledUpon" (A social networking sites that allows uses to share sites with others) and we received an additional 900 Visits from them.

While 4000 visits might be paltry to the big boys, it is fantastic for us small fish. We are delighted and thankful.

The promotion resulted in 400% rise in sales volume (week over week) however DC carts were at least 40% smaller in size. Which makes sense- there was a 25% coupon attached to the promotion and these users were testing us out for the very first time and were probably more apprehensive.

There was also a 25% increase to our newsletter subscriber list so that we can continue to contact potential customers.

Not to mention the countless emails from users asking why we dont carry larger sizes, other press wanting to cover us, and advertisers wanting us to run in their publications.

For a week, we were a "big deal" - PUN INTENDED. And now it's back to work...

Much Love,

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