Monday, January 12, 2009

Dames and Broads of the Month--- Here's to the Hustlers...

We are going to try something new here at Dames and Broads at the suggestion of our friend Lisa. Every month we will be honoring women who we admire and respect for all the wrong reasons. The ones that we call names but secretly want to be when we realized that sometimes being a lady simply is not enough.
Here's to the hustlers, the working girls among us, the not so nice girls who finish first. Here's to the Dames and the Broads... We raise our champagne flutes in your honor...

Feel free to suggest upcoming dames / broads of the month. Not sure the difference between a Dame and a Broad? We see the Dame as a bit more stately and the Broad as scrappier. Both are formidable. But the Review Guys have given us pretty good guidelines:

The Word itself has a
Sinatra-esque gangster-ism ring to it. A broad can take care of herself, is probably out for herself to begin with. She’s tough and not to be messed with. She might be intimidating, but also sensuous. Is she a tough broad? A dumb broad? A smart broad? Regardless, she is a broad to be reckoned with.

Dames- “Dame” is French for “woman”, though it’s pronounced the same as a beaver’s “dam” (no beaver jokes, gutter-mouths!). This girl-nomer has a “can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em” quality I find irresistible. Implies the hold a woman can have over a man. I picture a Sinatra-era guy shaking his head, muttering “dames” under his breath, tortured, at once loving us and hating us. It’s great.

Pictured above: The icons- Mae West, Joan Crawford, and Eartha Kitt... They did it their way.