Thursday, January 8, 2009

Paris, Sales, and Lingerie- these are a few of my favorite things

(From the top: Agent Provacateur, Chantal Thomass, and Princesse TamTam)

Paris, Je viens...

Next week I am headed to my birthplace, Paris, France. No, I was not actually born there, but I was reborn there and that is certainly close enough. Plus, it is far sexier than saying Philadelphia (the city of brotherly love pales in comparison). I lived in the City of Lights for a year a decade ago and it was the first time I learned what home feels like. I can't wait to go and cheat on the love of my life, New York City.

My timing is impeccable. Not only is it Salon Lingerie, the largest lingerie trade show in the world, but it is also sales season. And not just any sale... under French law, retail stores are only allowed to run public sales for several weeks in January and July, so this one will be the business. Nowadays my pockets are lined with lint but I am a proud American and we spend "irregardless" of our financial circumstances. Who says I am not patriotic?!

My plan is to hit up all the French lingerie designers I can't usually afford. I even know what I want. The pics are my shopping list (Princesse tamtam, Chantal Thomass, and Agent Provocateur- I am taking the Eurostar to London after all... ).

Paris, discounts, and panties- Life aint so bad after all.

Dames and Broads


Kathryn Kemp-Griffin said...


We will be participating at the Salon de la Lingerie (Stand R89) and it would be a pleasure to meet you.


World Citizen said...

Love your blog! I am a New Yorker living in Paris. Let me know who you think has the best lingerie sales!

Dames and Broads said...

hi Kathryn, thanks so much for reading. I will absolutely come by and say "Bonjour" :)
See you paris

Dames and Broads said...

@ World Citizen- We will be reporting back from Paris with all the best sales and if you have a suggestions, send them our way too!
Merci Mille Fois...