Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Envy and Girl Crushes

Last night I went out to dinner with some former co workers. After weeks spent working 12 hour days, trying to be a good caregiver to my new blind dog and recently discovering that I am allergic to my make up, I was proud of myself for just showing up. To say that I looked haggard would be a compliment. My hair was pulled back into a frayed ponytail. My attire was very secretarial pool circa Working Girl 1988. Makeup was non existent. I felt like I looked: Worn out.

We got down to the business of our quarterly catch up. After recapping jobs, boyfriends, and such, we veered off course to random story telling. It seems that our friend Kari had ventured into an ad agency to present to clients when all attention became focused on a sales rep from CNN who had just entered the room. She was one of those mythical urban legends that you read about, not only beautiful but incredibly well put together. Or maybe she seemed beautiful only because she was so put together. She did not merely take off her coat as much as there was a "reveal" of Extreme Makeover proportions with all eyes (male and female) on her. Kari then recited to us in elaborate detail every stitch of clothing this siren was wearing weeks ago. And we listened intently about a women we would never meet as if it was monumental in our lives.

I want to be that woman.

I bet she would have worn heels to dinner thereby avoiding frayed pant hems. Her hair probably would have been cascading down her back or at least her ponytail would be smooth and orderly (more Jlo and less Miss Celie from the Color Purple). No way in hell she would have walked out of the house without mascara. And lipstick. And foundation.

She has me beat. I can't be that woman everyday.

But I promise you this: If she had disrobed past her coat and her fancy dress... If she got rid of the expensive wide belt and perfect accessories... If she had chosen to show the world (or at least the inside that ad agency) her foundation garments... she would met her match.

For beneath my common wardrobe, I am formidable.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the fairest panties of them all...


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