Friday, November 14, 2008

Top 10 Lingerie / Underwear Brands

Just a bit a lingerie news to darken an already dreary Friday in NYC:

According to WWD, 2008 retail sales are really hurting long established intimates brands especially those distributed by department stores.

"Battered by consolidation, depleted margins and a glut of inventory, department stores have increasingly given smaller space in innerwear departments to national bra brands, many of which are promoted day in, day out, and have a generic look."

As a result most are cutting advertising, marketing and merchandising budgets drastically. Heavy hitters like Victoria Secret are still doing OK (formaldehyde bras notwithstanding) due to the teen focused PINK lines and international expansion.

Here are the top 10 Intimate Apparel lines by sales in the US

1. Hanes
2. Victoria's Secret
3. Fruit of the Loom
4. Playtex
5. Jockey
6. Bali
7. Joe Boxer
8. Maidenform
9. Vanity Fair
10. Calvin Klein Underwear

If you are anything like me , you looked at the above list and shook your head. Joe Boxer, Really???!!! Is the entire Unites States in 8th grade? Fruit of the Who? Well, I never...

Where does this list and this economy leave grown ups who prefer silk to rayon and sensual glamour to pink cheetah prints?

Don't worry ladies, I will not forsake you. You still deserve the best even if you now must pay less for it. No need to go to the dark side (read Hanes and ugly nude bras). The pictured Dechelles bra and panty set from Brazil (all silk and lace) retails for less than $65. It does not come in a pack of 3 and it shouldn't...

All is not lost.


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