Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Brazilian, Turkish, English, French body types... You are gorgeous somewhere

Ladies ,

Stop it. This one size fits all mentality will be the death of you. Most of us will never be a size 0. Most of our men don't want us to be. So why do we subscribe to one Nicole Kidmanesqe asexual standard of beauty? Perhaps it is because we don't know that our pear shaped bodies are revered in Brazil, that our generous hips and ample bosom are considered ideal in Turkey, that our itty bitties are all the rage in France. Did you know that they make something to help create waistlines in England and can fake the hell out of a gorgeous bustline in China?

But no need to go so far to be appreciated. Perhaps you should start in your living room. Did you know that everything you hate about your body is exactly what you man loves. He wants you to stop covering up the big butt, the smaller breasts, the meaty hips. If it doesn't jiggle, he doesn't want it and if he didn't want something soft, he would be dating Tom, not you.

I am not saying to let yourself go. I am saying give yourself a break and embrace the gorgeous body you inhabit.

In Feb , Dames and Broads will start bringing you lines from around the world made specifically for your body type.

One size fits all no more...

You deserve better.