Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A picture is worth a thousand words

My publicist suggested I have pics taken to promote myself as a lingerie expert. OK she really just mentioned that it might be a good thing to do at some point in life. Since I am vain as hell and have been secretly dying to have my own photo shoot since Samantha posed for nude pics on Sex and the City, I considered her suggestion a proclamation and I immediately called photographer Hao Zeng and makeup artist Lazarus Jean Baptiste to make it happen. I was super excited and called my former roommate DJ Kiss who has some of the best promotional pictures I have ever seen.

She gave me fab advice which included scouring magazines and online image sites to pick out the images and poses that i wanted so that I would not leave without the shot I wanted.

Foregoing beauty sleep, I stayed up all night, rummaged through my closet and did my best to pick the sexiest, slimming, experty things I could. I arrived at the shoot, ready to give my best Samantha Jones.

And everything was wonderful until I looked at the first proofs- and I saw all my imperfections that good lighting and makeup could not hide. I was devastated. So much so the Laz- the Make Up Man had to booty shake to get me to smile for the rest of the shots.

I almost didn't recover- then there was an outfit change and I got to put on my lucky bra. I know it sounds stupid but this bra really is magic. Whenever I feel less than or unattractive, the pleated silk and eyelash lace assure me otherwise... Ahhh the healing power of good foundations.:)

Did I become an instant supermodel? No. But I got a few really good shots.
And I will post them soon... right after they airbrush out the rest of my flaws...

owner, Dames and Broads

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DJ KISS said...

Melissa where are those pics?? Shoot was 3 weeks ago and I'm dying to see the rest!!