Friday, February 27, 2009

Turkish Lingerie- You Need This

OK ladies this is your monthly lingerie public service announcement. I know you love that Dames and Broads lets you shop for lingerie by country of origin, and you clearly have a strong preference for Brazilian lingerie . I also know that you are frustrated that we are sold out of the Royalle set, but we do sell other things, you know...

Brazilian lingerie is not the only thing that will accentuate your assets. While we love showing off a prominent derriere, it's time to give the hips some love! Turkish lingerie is the perfect lingerie for hourglass figures and the many women who are desperate to fake perfection. Most Turkish Lingerie rides low and straight across the hips emphasizing the width of your hips. The larger your hips appear, the smaller our waist looks- an extremely crowd pleasing optical illusion.

The set that has made the biggest impact on Dames and Broads customers is the pleated silk pieces from Turkish lingerie designer Else. The rows of pleated silk and scalloped lace will draw attention to your hips further slimming your mid section and the bra is full coverage so you can wear it under most things. The color is a show stopper and the quality of the silk is second to none (again thanks to turkey's reputations for excellent textiles).

C'mon Ladies try something new...

This Public service announcement has been brought to you by Dames and Broads:)