Sunday, February 1, 2009


After months of scouring the planet for the most lovely but wearable lingerie, it is so interesting to see what people actually buy. The truth is that I was dying to see if I was right, if I should have trusted my own instincts less or should I have taken others' input more.
The answer is always in the sales right???

The very first thing to sell were the PASSPORT PANTIES. I love passport panties but that was a huge shock. I was sure the first thing to go would be a bra and panty set... But I do know the girl who purchased them and she is an always on the go, international jet setter so it does make sense.

At the very other end of the spectrum was the next purchase, the Mimi Holliday Lipe set, pictured above. The color, pricepoint, and fabric (silk and lace) is so perfect for its new owner. Though signifcantly less expensive, this set will be right at home next to all the La Perla, and Myla in her home.

Next to go was the Savage bra set from Brazilian Lingerie designer, De Chelles. The set is extremely affordable, very sexy and not at all for the faint of heart. One of my favs.

To date the most popular lingerie is by far and away are those from Brazil and it is very clear that many ladies are ready for more daring everyday bra and pantry sets ; 70% of sales came from the Everyday Extravagance category.
hmmm... It will be very interesting to see what the fellas buy for their ladies next week for V-day....