Sunday, February 1, 2009

If you build it, they will...

Dames and is live, finally...

It feels so great, like I can rest now. Except I can't. It just the beginning.

Here's what really happens when you launch a biz ( since no one shared this with me, I will do my civic duty).

  1. You send out the "It's here!!!" email and glow with pride.
  2. You get a ridiculous amount of positive feedback. People you dont even know write to tell you how much they like it, what their favorite items are.
  3. Your first orders come in. You feel like a rockstar
  4. You realize you actually do have to fufill orders- Panic sets in
  5. No matter how tight your biz plan, and your years of web experience, you are still slightly suprised that the site did not crash from all traffic and you are not close to sold out after day one.
  6. You realize that you actually still have SOOO much work to do and that launching was the easy part (which is hilarious since that was hard as hell). You will think about that all night, and the next night.
  7. You thank god for your biz/marketing plan, and then begin to understand that half that hypethetical shit might not even work.
  8. You breathe.You recommit. "Fuck it," you say. "I am in it for the long haul."
  9. You decide that you will win or go down kicking and screaming.
  10. You sit back down at your desk and get back to work.
just the beginning...:)

Dames and Broads

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