Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Broad of the Month- MIA

Who She Is: Born Mathangi Arulpragasm, MIA was nominated for a Grammy for Best Song for her smash hit, the way oversampled, over remixed "Paper Planes".

Why We Love Her: Let's face it the 2009 Grammy Awards were the TV equivalent of watching paint dry until she came on stage. Paul McCartney, honestly who really cares? Coldplay, YAWN... Carrie Underwood, snoozefest. Right as we were going to change the channel to the equally banal Desperate Housewives, she walked out on stage in a sheer polka dot number in all her 9 months pregnant glory and we instantly put the remote control down. She jumped up and down and we held our breath in awe (and in fear that the baby would just fall out of her and plummet to its end). And though she later admitted to having contractions before and during the performance and making her fiance bring a stop watch to the awards show "just in case", she brought the house down. And sideshow act aside, she really did rock it...

Extra Credit: She is decidedly anti establishment, has had her videos banned, her US visa (temporarily) denied and still managed to ensnare one of the hottest bachelors in her web. She is engaged to indie rocker Ben Brewer who also happens to be the son of Warner Music Group Chairman and CEO Ed Bronfman. Did I mention he is also the heir to the Seagram's fortune...

Trivia: M.I.A. contributed songs for A. R. Rahman's score of Slumdog Millionaire, which included the collaboration "O Saya", releasing the soundtrack in late 2008 via N.E.E.T. In 2009, "O Saya" was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song

MIA- we really do adore you and think you are extremely talented. We also have the perfect sheer number for you to wear to the Oscars... and since we will soon be carrying nursing lingerie you really should just give us a call.

With Loving Devotion,
Dames and Broads

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