Sunday, February 1, 2009

Paris, Sales, and Lingerie- an Update

Paris my love
Der Kommisar

Der Kommisar

Der Kommisar

Miss Lala

Miss lala

I am back from Paris and Salon lingerie. Actually I have been back for a second, but I've been too busy to update everyone properly.
First, Paris- I swear to god I love that city. I could walk it for the rest of my life. Nuff said.

Sales in Paris- I did not see one item over a size 40 (US size 6), so I spent a good portion of my time shopping in Paris feeling obese. But it was probably for the best since "Solde" seemed to indicate only an extremely modest price reduction. Saks Fifth Avenue needs to journey to Paris to teach them the meaning of the word sale... They cant be serious offering 30-50% in the midst of this financial crisis. If you want a real deal, hope the Eurostar to London and let Harrods show you how it's done... Racks of 70% off merchandise line the halls. Now that's a markdown the way god intended. I found the cherry bomb set from AP for a song at their mini boutique at Harrods. But the bow, aka the best part, has absolutely no spandex therefore no stretch. It was either too tight or too loose and ended up looking awful. Sadly, it had to remain in the UK.

Lingerie- the Salon lingerie show introduced me to a few brands that I was not familiar with that I now adore. Der Kommisar, a Dutch lingerie line from Amsterdam, rendered me awestruck with their quilted fabrics, over the top bows and gun detailings. Uk lingerie company, Miss Lala, made me nostalgic for the pin up girls of old with their pleated silk heart high waisted panties and matching bra. Other clear winners were Australian company Mimmelu and New Zealand maternity and nursing lingerie company- Hot Milk.
more to come...

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