Friday, February 6, 2009

A bird in the hand..... Is no match for Urbandaddy

Urban Daddy 2.5.09

London 2.2.09

Yes we know we shouldn't have done it. But it was too tempting to resist. With Valentine's day fast approaching and us still missing stock from some of our favorite UK lingerie vendors, we were beginning to freak out. We called, we begged, we pleaded and they said that all was on the way. We relaxed, we breathed easy and we posted merchandise to the site that we did not have yet in our NYC warehouse. What's the worse thing that could happen right? The merchandise after all, is in transit.

famous last words...

Something happened this week that was so unexpected, so chaotic, that life in one of the world's busiest and wealthiest cities ground to a halt. Schools and businesses closed, roads emptied of traffic, and London's public transport network of buses and trains was paralyzed.
It snowed.

8 inches of snow, and the entire city came to a screeching halt, including shipments, courier services, and all panty transit.

Add to that that Urban Daddy, a daily email newsletter and website telling of all things hot, cool and up and coming, was featuring us in their upcoming Valentine's day perks program. That lovely email would be going out to 450,000 affluent men all over the country.

Missing Inventory+ Debilitating Storm+ Urban Daddy mailer to half a million =The Perfect Storm.

The UD email was sent out yesterday and like wildfire the orders came in. And what was everyone clamouring for.... the missing merchandise. (Well, actually the men were far more swayed by the Brazilian tangas, but this makes for a far more dramatic story).

What were we to do? We had orders that had to be filled quickly and our merchandise was stuck in the UK!
We had a drink. We went to sleep. We were exhausted. Stress is bad for the skin, my mother says...

And when we awoke, we received word that the merchandise had made it safely to the Dames and Broads warehouse.

As Mae West always says:
A man in the house is worth two in the street.


Dames & Broads

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